Martha Worthy

“Having lived and worked on Hilton Head Island since 1981 and surrounded by so much natural beauty, I feel a strong connection to the daily rhythms of the natural world. For me, painting ideas germinate and evolve in an intuitive process, usually beginning with a random spark of interest, maybe a certain color combination, a particular artist’s work, or a piece of shell found on the beach. Once curiosity takes hold, I will add more layers of images, gleaned from different cultures or influenced by recent travels, like the ornately carved architectural masterpieces of Morocco or the incredible red rock colors and formations of the American Southwest.

The search for creativity is an active pursuit. Working in my studio on a daily basis, one painting usually leads to another. I don’t wait around for inspiration to find me.

Each painting reflects on ongoing journey of discovery that includes many surprises along the way. It’s like getting lost in the woods and following the breadcrumb home.”